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About the Site

This site is for me to list my Unreal Tournament-related projects. Visit the Mods section to view UScript projects I've done, or Maps to see various levels created by me. Check out the Links page for a listing of Unreal-related web sites.

Servers Ran

Over the years, I have helped run many UT servers. Some of them are still arround today, but many of them have shut down for good.

Nostalgia Coop The very first server that I was allowed to be an admin at. Nostalgia was an Opearation: Na Pali and Unreal coop server. I started visiting the server when ONP released and I eventually was accepted into the admin listing. After ONP slowed down, Nostalgia went back to Unreal and I followed. The server ran for many years, but finally closed down for good.

Dogs of War Primarly a Monster Hunt server, but has tried many other mods throughout the years. Featured the Climber which allowed you to get through tough jumping parts with ease. This server was known for it's obscure weapon selection that was constantly changing. Our most popular weapon choices included super-strong snipers of various color/speed and strength. I helped set up and run Dogs of War, but this server eventually faded away.

MJ12 Monster Hunt Another Monster Hunt server. This one appeared shortly after Dogs of War was setup. I was asked to assist in setting up this server which ran various mods including MH and JailBreak.

PsK Strangelove My first attempt running a strictly CTF-only server. This server has changed hosts more times than I can remember, but it has always remained focused on CTF with the Strangelove mutator. PsK is still online and plans to be up for quite a while.

Pure Pwnage SLV Pure Pwnage was another Strangelove server, but this one did not last very long. It failed to attract players, so it was decided to close it for good.

IG Strangelove Another Strangelove server. IG was an older Strangelove server and it was to be brought back online if people were willing to help run it. I was asked if I wanted to help run it by SuB and now IG seems to be the most popular Strangelove server arround. I occasionally show up at IG, but not too often.

Other Websites

I helped with UT-SLV quite a bit; I coded the Top 3 Servers box on the main page (with help) along with creating the extra pages of the site. (Clans, SLV Guide, etc.) My biggest accomplishment for UT-SLV, was the Strangelove Server Listing, which is a script that grabs information from all Strangelove Arena servers and displays it for all to see. Everything except for the country, UTStats link, forums/website links and the SLV explosion size are acquired from the server query. I used Almar Joling's UT Query Script as a base, so I never would have gotten this done without him!

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