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This may sound like I'm just combining maps, but the entire level is new and only has areas that look slightly similar. The two bases are similar to the Red base in Command and inbetween the bases is an area similar to the Red base in Eternal Caves. The zip contains a standard version and a SLV version with Redeemers only.

CTF-EternalCommand CTF-EternalCommand
Download CTF-EternalCommand (~1.2 MB) View ReadMe

My very first CTF map is designed for Strangelove, Redeemer Arena, or anyother Redeemer mutator. The map is very simple and contains a straight hallway connecting the bases with another hallway up above. The top hallway ends above each flag requiring players to either drop into the slime surrounding each flag and quickly climb out, or fall and take the damage. The upper hallway can be a good way to escape the base if you are playing with Strangelove, since the majority of people will be coming through the lower hall. Theres a teleporter in the middle of the lower hall which teleports players into the upper hallway if you need to quickly get up.

CTF-((PsK))ToxicZone CTF-((PsK))ToxicZone
Download CTF-((PsK))ToxicZone (~687kb) View ReadMe

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