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Toxic Zone was a CTF map that I made for the SLV mutator. The map got played quite a bit, so I decided to bring it to JailBreak. If you have version one, delete it and snag this version! Version 2 fixes the jails by making the exit a one-way warpzone and by adding some triggered teleporters inside the jails to give jailbirds another way to exit the jail.

JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2 JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2 JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2
Download JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2 (~810 KB) View ReadMe

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"Unreal Rex," previously "Unreal Addiction," was created by Shawn Williams (GF-REX)
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