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GF-REX's Unreal Addiction: Mods

RextendedUT v2-5.2

The newest type of Rextended! RextendedUT combines the features from RextendedCTF and RextendedMH along with new bug fixes and features. This version has been tested in Deathmatch, CTF, Bombing Run, and Monster Hunt.

Download RextendedUT v2-5.2 (~57 kb) View ReadMe

Rextended MH Lite v1

RextendedMHLite is a version of RextendedCTF more focused on Monster Hunt. The current version takes most features from RextendedCTF out and instead focuses on preventing players from grabbing too many items.
RextendedCTFv2-4 already does prevent multple pickups, but this version adds even more items into it. (Also supports any custom pickups.)

Download Rextended MH Lite v1 (~5 kb) View ReadMe

Rextended CTF v2-4

Rextended CTF takes the dropped-flag countdown from RexCTF and adds even more features! Version 2.2 fixes a minor alignment issue with flag carrier names. RextendedCTF shows how much charge your inventory items have! Items supported are UT_JumpBoots, UDamage and UT_Invisibility. Another feature for CTF, shows the flag carrier's name next to the flag icons on the HUD.

New in v2-4

Various options to prevent players from picking up multiple copies of various items. Items included are armors, shieldbelts, jumpboots, invisibility, and damage amps. View the readme for more details on these options.

A trigger modifier that can be set to disable a certain trigger for a specified amount of time. Example: The crushing ceiling in 2ChickenPancakes. An admin specifies that maps name (CTF-2ChickenPancakes) trigger's Event (skyfall) and how long they want it disabled, in seconds.

Download Rextended CTF v2-4 (~35 kb) View ReadMe

Bunny Track Server List

A very simple server browser for Bunny Track servers. It displays servers running the Bunny Track gametype instead of checking each map title which allows it to be quick, but it does miss some servers playing certain maps.

Download Bunny Track Server List (~3 kb) View ReadMe

Nuclear Races

A racing mod that allows players to race whatever they wish through tracks and attempt to survive until the end and reach the checkered flag first! Visit the Nuclear Races site for more details.

Unreal Rex

"Unreal Rex," previously "Unreal Addiction," was created by Shawn Williams (GF-REX)
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