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ReadMe file for CTF Eternal Command (CTF-EternalCommand)

.UNR Map for Unreal Tournament

Author : Shawn 'GF-REX' Williams


****Included Files****




Just toss the files (CTF-EternalCommand.unr, CTF-EternalCommand-SLV.unr) into your UT Maps directory (C:\UnrealTournament\Maps)



Eternal Command is a completely new map designed to look like CTF Eternal Caves merged with CTF Command. The two maps, EternalCommand and EternalCommand-SLV, are the same except for the placement of weapons. The SLV version has Redeemers placed instead of normal weapons and it has more of them. There is no other difference between the maps. I decided that if I tried to make it for SLV, there would be too many weapons for normal matches. You get two versions, delete the one that you don't want.
****Author's notes****

This is my second CTF map that I have released, so don't think that it is perfect. The bot support works well; bots know their way arround most of the map and can attack/defend with ease. They also know how to get to the few 'secret' areas.

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