GF-REX's Unreal Addiction

GF-REX's Unreal Addiction: Readme: MH-ICRedone(Rex)

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ReadMe file for MH-ICRedone(Rex).unr (The Inscrutable Castle Redone: Rex's Version)

Monster Hunt Map for Unreal Tournament

Author : <GF>-REX!! -&- DAG (War Master)


****Included Files****




(The Monster Hunt mod is required to play this map!)
Get it here:

Put the two umx files into your Music folder (UnrealTournament/Music)
Put the unr file into your Maps folder (UnrealTournament/Maps


****Map Story/Explanation****

My Inscrutable Castle map didn't do too good, so now I removed the weapons and replaced them with normal UT weapons. I also remade some of the parts of the map and made it a lot funner.

****Other Maps Made by <GF>-REX!!****

MH-BirdBrains - My first newbie attempt at a map.
MH-BirdBrainedResearch - My first map fixed up and made awesome thanks to War_Master!
MH-InscrutableCastle - The original version of this map with the War_Nukers

Unreal Rex

"Unreal Rex," previously "Unreal Addiction," was created by Shawn Williams (GF-REX)
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