GF-REX's Unreal Addiction

GF-REX's Unreal Addiction

Whats going on? Not much. Progress on the new UnrealRex site has been slowed down due to personal reasons, but it shall get done some day.

In other news, the dead links on the Links page here have bothered me for too long. I dropped the links page and opted for a page on Diigo, a bookmark managing site. Check out the UnrealRex Diigo page to see my progress as I slowly add what few working bookmarks I still have. (I have a TON of broken/dead ones to sort through, though!)

Nothing of interest to report on the UT scene. I should probably play some soon; I'm getting MH withdrawals. I still dream with a UT HUD in my view, though... What? I never really thought it was weird.

ANOTHER move is going on now. This move should be the last one. If you are reading this, then the site should be working again!

Be back soon. Move in progress. If you can see this, your good to go.

This year is the year of the brand new Unreal Rex! Completely new website coming in the following months. Everythings getting cleaned up and organized into one site. The name 'Unreal Addiction' will get dropped and this place will be called the Unreal Rex instead!

As for projects, MH-BirdAddiction is still being worked on. Got plenty of new monsters, a few Monster Hunt fixes, neat triggers/effects and some more suprises.

What am I fixing from Monster Hunt? The sliding players at the end of the match, and the invisible guns dropped by SkaarjTroopers. How? By using a custom MH End trigger and a custom SkaarjTrooper class. These fixes will be included inside the MH-BirdAddiction map.

The Unreal Addiction is now on! Everything seems to be going good now. Might take a day or so for every DNS to update, though.

Domain is secured. Hang on while I get everything else going.

Hosting problems. The Unreal Addiction had a short downtime while handling issues relating to the web host, but the site will be as good as new soon! This website URL is temporary and will get replaced with a real domain name soon. Follow UnrealRex on Twitter to hear the latest.

Another update! I have been working not only on Nuclear Races, but I also revived my custom Redeemer, the Rexy Taxi. It is like combining a Strangelove with a Translocator, with a bird mixed in.

On a possibly related note, I also started working on my new Monster Hunt map again. A sequel of sorts to the BirdBrained Research map. Gameplay is different, though. No more 'Godz' style of map. This one plays more straightforward, like a real map! Expect new things and crazy secret areas. Also many bird-related things and new monsters.

Guess what? Nuclear Races is not dead! The project has been on hold for sometime now, but works been started up again. This time we are getting somewhere. Some sweet maps are being made just for NR by some very talented mappers. No word yet on when NR will become public, though.

The newest version of Rextended is out! Snag RextendedUT v2-5.2 over in the mods section. This version adds in Bombing Run support along with combining the features from the CTF and MH versions. Also worth noting are the fixes to the flag carrier names. Names get shortened and do not extend off the screen any longer!

Regarding the website, the new design is still under development with no planned release yet.

As for NR, work is still being done and it is expected to have a private testing in a few weeks. This testing will be to see how stable NR is and whether or not it is close to a public beta or not.

Expect to see some major changes in the coming months; a complete revamp of the Unreal Addiction is planned! A new look along with different content as well. UT will still be a primary focus, but more of my interests will be covered. No word yet on when this all will happen, though.

The Unreal Addiction has finally moved to it's very own domain name!

I am currently working on various parts of the site, so some things may end up breaking. Hang on and everything should be running nicely soon. Check out the newly improved Maps section! (Now sortable by GameType.)

Rextended MH Lite Released!

RextendedMHLite is a version of RextendedCTF more focused on Monster Hunt. The current version takes most features from RextendedCTF out and instead focuses on preventing players from grabbing too many items.

RextendedCTFv2-4 already does prevent multple pickups, but this version adds even more items into it. (Also supports any custom pickups.)

Why take features out? Don't fret, this is just a lite version that I decided to release while I work on the next version. The next version of this mutator will include all of the features in this release along with everything from RextendedCTFv2-4.

(Starting with the next release, I will probably rename the mutator to RextendedUT since it isn't just for CTF anymore.)

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