Any maps listed below for Monster Hunt or Jailbreak require those mods for Unreal Tournament (UT99.) Maps which mention Strangelove are designed for either the Strangelove or RocketX mutators.

CTF-EternalCommand – Capture the Flag

Eternal Command is an original Strangelove map that took inspiration from the two CTF maps, Eternal Caves and The Last Command. The flag bases are similar to the red base in Command, while the central area goes for a more Eternal Caves look.

Download CTF-EternalCommand

CTF-((PsK))ToxicZone – Capture the Flag

A simple CTF map with a long hallway linking the two bases. The flags are placed on a platform in the middle of a small slime pit. There is also a tunnel above the hallway that ends in a straight drop down to the flag bases. This map is primarily made to be played with the Strangelove or RocketX mutators.

Download CTF-(PsK)ToxicZone

JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2 – JailBreak

This map is a conversion of CTF-((PsK))ToxicZone to be played in the JailBreak gametype. The only real difference in this map is the flag bases being replaced with jail cells. The jail has a one-way warpzone for the exit along with two triggered teleporters that appear when the jail is opened.

Download JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2

MH-InscrutableCastle – Monster Hunt

Inscrutable Castle is a map made to be played entirely with two unique weapons: the War Nuker and the War Seek Nuker. The War Nuker is a super-powered Redeemer and the War Seek Nuker is a mix between a Redemer and a Shock Rifle. Try to do a shock combo with this beast! You also get some jumpboots that let you run quick, and some anti-nuke armor a keg of super health that lets you max out your health to the extreme.  Make sure you pickup that anti-nuke armor as it will limit the screenshaking effects for you. Your mission is to invade this castle and defeat all of the super strong enemies until you reach the Lord of the Redeemer himself. Whatever you do, do NOT kill the cows; doing so will bring on absolute mayhem.

Download MH-InscrutableCastle

MH-ICRedone(Rex) – Monster Hunt

Inscrutable Castle Redone replaces the War Nuker weapons with standard UT weapons and revamps a few of the areas. This remake is designed to be much easier than the original map and even features an extended escape area after defeating the final boss. HINT: This map is made much easier if you steal an Super Shock Rifle from the Library. Doing so does make the final boss quite a pushover, though. I suggest switching to a regular gun and save the Super for after the boss!

Download MH-ICRedone(Rex)

MH-BirdBrains – Monster Hunt

BirdBrains was my very first full map for Unreal Tournament. It copied the map style popularized by the “Godz” maps in which you would have to do some platforming in order to unlock weapons.  Be sure to check out the full remake below, as it is MUCH better! Here is the storyline:

The Mercenaries have built a research facility just so they can examine birds. As crazy as this may sound, we have reason to believe they are examining birds so they can modify them with weapons which they will use to enslave our kind! Your job is to gain access to the Mercenary Bird Research Center, and destroy their research along with anyone in the way. After the research has been destroyed, escape through the ice caves. According to our research, they have a neat hovercraft that we can swipe to get out of there. Also, those jerks had their trained birds scatter our weapons all over these rooms with filled toxic slime and tiny floating platforms. It looks like before you start the mission, you should go and collect our weapons back.

Download MH-BirdBrains

MH-BirdBrainedResearch – Monster Hunt

This is a complete remake of MH-BirdBrains done with help from War_Master. This is the Bird Brain Bird Research Center and has the same story as the original map. This version also includes some secret hidden weapons. This is the best version of the map. That final boss is a beast.

Download MH-BirdBrainedResearch