Inscrutable CastleĀ (MH)

Screenshot of the upside-down room in the Monster Hunt map, Inscrutable Castle.

Inscrutable Castle

GameTypeMonster Hunt
Suggested Player Count2-6

Inscrutable Castle is a map made to be played entirely with two unique weapons: the War Nuker and the War Seek Nuker. The War Nuker is a super-powered Redeemer and the War Seek Nuker is a mix between a Redemer and a Shock Rifle. Try to do a shock combo with this beast! You also get some jumpboots that let you run quick, and some anti-nuke armor a keg of super health that lets you max out your health to the extreme.  Make sure you pickup that anti-nuke armor as it will limit the screenshaking effects for you. Your mission is to invade this castle and defeat all of the super strong enemies until you reach the Lord of the Redeemer himself. Whatever you do, do NOT kill the cows; doing so will bring on absolute mayhem.

This map requires the Monster Hunt gametype mod. Download Monster Hunt