Bird Brained Research Center (MH)

Screenshot of the Monster Hunt map, Birdbrained Research, showing captive cows, birds, and plantlife.

Bird Brained Research Center

GameTypeMonster Hunt
Suggested Player Count1-7

This is a complete remake of MH-BirdBrains done with help from War_Master. This is the Bird Brain Bird Research Center and has the same story as the original map. This version also includes some secret hidden weapons. This is the best version of the map. That final boss is a beast. This map has the same storyline as BirdBrains, which is as follows:

The Mercenaries have built a research facility just so they can examine birds. As crazy as this may sound, we have reason to believe they are examining birds so they can modify them with weapons which they will use to enslave our kind! Your job is to gain access to the Mercenary Bird Research Center, and destroy their research along with anyone in the way. After the research has been destroyed, escape through the ice caves. According to our research, they have a neat hovercraft that we can swipe to get out of there. Also, those jerks had their trained birds scatter our weapons all over these rooms with filled toxic slime and tiny floating platforms. It looks like before you start the mission, you should go and collect our weapons back.

This map requires the Monster Hunt gametype mod. Download Monster Hunt