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GF-REX's Unreal Addiction: Readme: JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2

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ReadMe file for JB Toxic Zone V2 (JB-((PsK))ToxicZoneV2)

.UNR Map for Unreal Tournament

Author : Shawn 'GF-REX' Williams


****Included Files****




Just toss the map file (JB-((PsK))ToxicZone.unr) into your UT Maps directory (C:\UnrealTournament\Maps)
Put the texture file (JB-AF-Pack-1.utx) into your UT Textures directory (C:\UnrealTournament\Textures)
Put the texture file (ATLiquids.utx) into your UT Textures directory (C:\UnrealTournament\Textures)

****Fixes in V2****

This version fixes many bugs from the original map.

-Added blockalls to keep players from getting stuck between the pillars and wall.
-Changed the jail exits into one-way warp zones, to keep people from going into the wrong cell.
-Added triggered teleporters into the jails to allow players more choices on exits.
-More bot support. (Not fully supported, though.)
-Other than rising slime, more trouble awaits any jailbird that gets capped.
-Added a JB Arena to allow jailbirds to fight for their freedom.



Toxic Zone was a CTF map that I made for the SLV mutator. The map got played quite a bit, so I decided to bring it to JailBreak.
****Author's notes****

I have fixed up parts of the map as well as converting it to JB. See if you can spot all of the changes!

****Other Things Made by <GF>-REX!!****

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Unreal Rex

"Unreal Rex," previously "Unreal Addiction," was created by Shawn Williams (GF-REX)
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