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ReadMe file for MH-BirdBrainedResearch.unr

Monster Hunt Map for Unreal Tournament

Author : <GF>-REX!! -&#38;- DAG (War Master)


****Included Files****




(The Monster Hunt mod is required to play this map!)
Get it here:

Put the MH-BirdBrainedResearch.unr file into your UT Maps directory (C:\UnrealTournament\Maps.)
If you don't have this file already, toss the WarLord.umx file into your UT Music directory (C:\UnrealTournament\Music.)


****Map Story/Explanation****

Here is the second version of my first map! War_Master helped me fix this map up a lot and even made an awesome new boss for me! The story is pretty much the same.

The Mercenaries have built a research facility just so they can examine birds. As crazy as this may sound, we have reason to believe that they are examining birds so they can build a secret weapon and enslave the humans! Your job is to gain access to the Mercenary Bird Research Center, and destroy their research along with anyone in the way. After the research has been destroyed, escape through the ice caves, according to our research of the facility they have a neat hovercraft that we can swipe to get out of here. Also, those jerks had their trained birds scatter our weapons all over these rooms with platforms. It looks like before you go, you should go and collect our weapons back.

****Author's notes****

This is my first map but, with extra areas and random fixes. The big boss at the end and the awesome new stinger was made by War_Master and should never be used in someone else's without our permission. If you fail to ask first then, I shall hold a grudge against you forever, and will never support your maps again. :|

****Other Maps Made by Me****

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MH-InscrutableCastle - My second map, with weapons made by War_Master!

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