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ReadMe file for RextendedUT V 2-5.2

.U Package for Unreal Tournament GOTY

Author : <GF>-REX!! (a.k.a Shawn Williams)


****Included Files****


*****If your updating*****

Change your ServerPackage to RextendedUTv2-5-2. Update the mutator to RextendedUTv2-5-2.RexUT.
Update the RextendedUT.ini with your current settings and upload it.



Welcome to the newest type of Rextended! RextendedUT combines the features from RextendedCTF and RextendedMH along with new bug fixes and features. This version has been tested in Deathmatch, CTF, Bombing Run, and Monster Hunt.

--Config Options--

==Pickup Preventions==
These options prevent players from picking up multiple copies of certain items/armors

bPreventArmorPickupWhenFull: Prevent players from picking up the same armor if they already have one with a full charge

bAlwaysPreventMultiBeltPickup: Do not allow players to pickup another shieldbelt if they have a damage one

bPreventMultiDamAmp: Prevent pickups of multiple damage amps

bPreventMultiBootsWhenFull: Prevent pickups of jump boots when full

bPreventMultiInvis: Disallow picking up UT_Invisibility, if a user already has one.

bPreventArmorPickupWhenHasFullBelt: If a player has a shield belt, don't allow them to pick up ANY more armors.

bPreventArmorPickupWhenHasDamagedBelt: If a player has a damaged shield belt, don't allow them to pick up ANY more armors.

bPreventMultiScubaGear: Prevents players from picking up more than one ScubaGear

bPreventMultiFlashLight: Prevents players from picking up more than one Flashlight. (Players are allowed both a Searchlight & and a Flashlight)

bPreventMultiSearchLight: Prevents players from picking up more than one Searchlight.

bPreventMultiSuits: Prevents players from picking up more than one suit. Grabbing one type of suit and then grabbing ANOTHER type of suit is allowed.
NOTE ABOUT SUITS: Suits override eachother, so a player can grab a Toxin Suit and then an Asbestos Suit, but the Toxin Suit will be replaced with the Asbestos Suit. That is just how the game handles things.

bPreventAllMultiPickups: Does not allow players to pick up more than one of ANY specific type of item. (Covers all above along with any custom inventory items.) Does not include ammo/weapons.


==Global Notifications==

bShowFlagCountDown: Set this to true to show the countdowns and false to hide them.

bShowFlagCarrierName: When this is true, it will show the flag carrier's name near the flag icons on the HUD.

bShowBombingRunCarrier: Same as the flag carrier names, except for Bombing Run.

==Personal Countdowns==
The following countdowns only show on the screen of whoever is holding that particular item.

bShowAmpCountdown: When you pickup a damage amp, it will show a countdown on your screen telling you how long your amp is going to last.

bShowInvisCountdown: Same as the Amp Countdown, but with the UT_Invisibility.

bShowBootCharge: Shows how many jumps are left in your UT_JumpBoots.


==Trigger Updater==

Rextended UT allows server admins to modify triggers placed in maps to help make the game more fair. For example, on CTF-2ChickenPancakes, there is a hidden switch that causes the ceiling to come down. With Rextended UT, admins can set how long they want the trigger to remain disabled. Why? To prevent players from camping at the button and making the ceiling lower constantly.

bModifyTriggers: Use the trigger updater or not?

MapToModify: Map name that you wish to update (Example: MapToModify=CTF-2ChickenPancakes)

ModifiedTriggerEvent: The event that the trigger triggers. Find this by opening the map in the Editor, locating the Trigger and looking at the properties under Events > Event. (Example: ModifiedTriggerEvent=skyfall)

NewReTriggerDelay: How long do you wish this trigger to remain disabled? (In seconds) Set a really big number to disable it for the whole match. (Example NewReTriggerDelay[0]=45)

****Author's Notes****

Thanks to Sub for giving me plenty of ideas for this mutator along with the catchy name! This mutator was started all because of his ideas to Extend CTF!

Thanks to Skillz for his ideas of extending this mutator into Monster Hunt!

Thanks to MetalFist and all the other players at the New York UT-SLV server for beta testing.

Thanks to anyone who used Rextended in their own ways. I do not mind if you borrow code from this in order to build your own mod or mutator. Feel free.



For single player runs. Just toss the files (RextendedUTv2-5-2.u,, and RextendedUT.ini) into your UT System directory (C:\UnrealTournament\System.)
Run the mutator from the normal mutator listing.

For server admins Simply add RextendedUTv2-5-2.RexUT onto your mutator listing and add the ServerPackage: RextendedUTv2-5-2.


****Change Log****

UT ver 2-5.2 (This one!)
Added Bombing Run support for carrier's name.
Fixed alignment issues [in different resolutions] with flag carrier names.
Shortens flag/bomb carrier names if they are too long.
Damage amplifier countdown now lasts until it powers down.

MH ver 1.1
-Added in more pickup prevention.

Ver 2-4
-Added features to not allow players to pickup multiple armors and other items. Added a feature to allow admins to modify triggers in maps.

Ver 2-2
-Fixes alignment issues with flag carrier names. (Long names used to go off the screen.) This fix pushes longer names to the left and shorter names to the right to keep them from getting cut-off.

ver 2-1
-The HUD now shows your remaining charge for the following items:

-Shows the flag carrier's name next to the Red/Blue scores.

ver 1-1

This version fixes the alignment issues of v1.0's dropped flag countdown and gives a bigger font.

ver 1

Adds a countdown showing how long a dropped flag has until automatically returning.


****Other Things Made by <GF>-REX!!****

MH-BirdBrains - My first newbie attempt at a map. (One ugly map!)
MH-BirdBrainedResearch - My first map fixed up and made awesome thanks to War_Master!
MH-InscrutableCastle & MH-IC(Redone) - Crazy map with custom Redeemers. Grab the remake if the original is too hard.
CTF-((PsK))ToxicZone - A CTF map made for the Strangelove mutator. I also modified it for JailBreak.
CTF-EternalCommand - Another CTF map designed for Strangelove
RextendedCTF - Extends CTF by adding numerous features. Compatible with all modes of UT.

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