Version History

2.0.0 - Initial release.

2.0.1 - Latest version by 'yrns' (unofficially released by HogMan).

[ FIXED ] - The SLHUD not working on servers running UTPure protection.
[ FIXED ] - Player view rotation not being reset when going from shooting to pilot mode.
[ CHANGED ] - Damage radius for rockets crashing into a wall.
[ ADDED ] - Client side rear view mirror.

2.0.2 - First 'maintenance team' release.

[ FIXED ] - No more 'Received unwanted function ServerMove' errors.
[ FIXED ] - Null pointer access violation in StrangeShell.tick().
[ FIXED ] - Null pointer access violation in SLHUD.shake().
[ FIXED ] - Null pointer access violation in SLFuelpod.validActor().
[ FIXED ] - Call to playAnim() in SLFuelcore.Pickup.stopHover() when the mesh was set to none.
[ FIXED ] - Switching from pilot mode to shoot mode and then quickly switching back while the weapon raise animation was still playing didn't put the weapon down.
[ FIXED ] - Holding fire while switching to yellowjacket caused the yj to pretend to fire, however it dealt no damage.
[ FIXED ] - Excessive calls to SLHUD.renderHUD() while in disabled state.
[ FIXED ] - Null pointer access violation in StrangeShell.moveRocket().
[ FIXED ] - Null pointer access violation in Engine.GameInfo.Killed() when you blow yourself up and another player goes down in your nuclear blast.
[ FIXED ] - Last rocket being in armed state instead of auto armed state.
[ FIXED ] - Fuel level indicator displayed wrong when the clients default fuel variable differs from the servers default setting.
[ FIXED ] - A rocket with no pilot could still cause the SLHUD to shake.
[ FIXED ] - SLHUD not shaking in netgames.
[ FIXED ] - Shake magnitude in SLHUD wasn't reset for new rockets.
[ FIXED ] - A slight reduction in client/server positional differences for SLV rockets.
[ FIXED ] - Rocket behaving weird and self destructing a few seconds after its pilot has disconnected from the server.
[ FIXED ] - Bug where the player would be in gunner mode riding an SLV, as the player gets on the new SLV (with alt fire) the old SLV doesn't auto arm itself when the warhead mode was set to auto.
[ FIXED ] - UTPure kicking a player when he or she presses alt fire for the SLV launcher.
[ FIXED ] - Weapon status and crosshair not displayed when UTPure is enabled.
[ FIXED ] - Some weapon animation glitches in netgames. (SLV202Beta2-bug)
[ FIXED ] - Rockets owned by a player that leaves the game changed direction and didn't explode when hitting a wall. (SLV202Beta2-bug)
[ ADDED ] - A mutator which enables the kill messages for kills made with a SLV rocket (such as for double kills). (Semi-bug)
[ ADDED ] - Two methods of rocket movement (curving) synchronisation between the client and server. Makes sure your rocket explodes where you see it hit the wall. (Semi-bug)
[ ADDED ] - SLV rocket exhaust fumes for the red, green and yellow teams.

2.0.3 - Latest release.

[ FIXED ] - Crosshairs not showing when weapon hand was set to hidden.
[ ADDED ] - Configurable amount of yellow jacket clips.
[ ADDED ] - Configurable amount of yellow jacket hit damage.
[REMOVED] - SLV beta version expiration check.
[REMOVED] - Obsolete/unused variables in class StrangeShell.
[CHANGED] - StrangeShell now extends Projectile instead of GuidedWarshell.
[REMOVED] - Legacy debug code and debug classes SLCannon, SLCannonSN, SLLog and SLDebugMutator.
[ ADDED ] - Option to disable the scream sound played when launching a rocket.
[ ADDED ] - Option to disable switching to armed warhead state.
[CHANGED] - All configurable options have now been placed in one section: SLConfig.
[ ADDED ] - Some optimizations to reduce memory usage and network traffic.
[ ADDED ] - Ability to change the cruising speeds of SLV rockets.
[ ADDED ] - High resolution crosshairs.
[ ADDED ] - Configurable rocket armor.
[CHANGED] - Amount of damage smoke produced by a rocket now depends on the amount of damage taken.
[ FIXED ] - Accessed array out of bounds warning in SLKonglauncher.bringUp().
[ ADDED ] - Option to equip rockets with an additional booster.
[ FIXED ] - Rocket slightly deviates from path when switching back from gunner to pilot mode.
[ ADDED ] - Option to use team colored shock waves.
[ ADDED ] - Configurable default fire mode of the yellow jacket.
[ FIXED ] - Fuel pods sometimes disappear after a while.
[ ADDED ] - Option to show sparks when a rocket takes damage.
[CHANGED] - The SLKillMsgFix mutator is automatically loaded if useKillMsgFix is set to true.
[ ADDED ] - Option to make unpiloted rockets either bounce off or explode on explosions of the same team.
[ ADDED ] - Weapons can be excluded from being replaced by the StrangeArena mutator.
[ ADDED ] - Support for customized rocket skins.
[ ADDED ] - Option to prevent SLV rocket pilots from carrying / picking up a flag.
[ ADDED ] - Option to give players a certain amount of fuel cores each time they respawn.
[ ADDED ] - Option to give players some fuel cores each time they pickup a launcher.
[ FIXED ] - Accessed null class context in SLNullWeapon.maxOut().
[ ADDED ] - Mutator to automatically upgrade embedded SLV items in maps to those of this version.