Release notes


First of all it should made be clear that this is not an official Strangelove version. The original development team, 0FUS, has disappeared or abandoned this project a long time ago. Attempts to contact the lead developer have failed, and it is safe to say that it will remain this way. Nonetheless there still is enough interest in this mod by gamers to continue it's development, which has therefore been taken over by another party, Zeropoint Productions. Our releases are based on the latest official Strangelove version: 2.0.1. For those that wonder how this is possible, since the source code of that version was never released, it suffices to say that it was somehow extracted from the SLV201 binaries.

The development focus of the development of version 2.0.3, versus 2.0.2, has shifted from bug fixing to adding new features. There were some little bugs fixed, however this is only a small part of the total amount of work done. Most of the work has gone into adding new features. The majority of those are simply settings to modify the existing elements of the Strangelove mod a bit. But there also are some completely new things, that weren't part of the older versions. Additionally some of the code has been optimized to increase performance.

The new stuff

Note that all new features added since SLV 2.0.1 are disabled by default unless they are bug-fix features; this is to preserve SLV 2.0.1 gameplay for those that just want bug fixes while allowing those who wish to enable the new features to experiment and expand their gameplay.

  • Configurable Yellow Jacket Damage: Some people thought the Yellow Jacket was too powerful of a weapon, and when playing with skilled Yellow Jacket "snipers" would ruin the fun of a StrangeArena game. Now server admins can adjust the YJ damage to accommodate their audiences to make snipers either less damaging or more ruthless than ever.

  • Configurable Yellow Jacket Clip Size and Maximum Ammo: Yellow Jackets can now have both clip size and maximum number of shots configured. Setting clip size independently of ammo allows server admins to control how often a yellow jacket wielding player has to stop shooting to "reload" their weapon.

  • Disable the Launch Scream: In case you don't like the wild scream of Slim Pickins every time you launch a rocket, you can now disable the scream. Head over to the Strangelove configuration page if you want to know how.

  • Disable the Armed Rocket State: Tired of getting blown up by a Yellow Jacket shot as you're in the middle of cycling from Auto to Armed to Disarmed? Disable the Armed state of the warhead, leaving only Auto and Disarmed to toggle between as options. Note this is a server-side setting and cannot be set on a per-player basis for online games.

  • Highly Configurable Rocket Speed Settings: Control the minimum, maximum, afterburner, and booster velocities of the SLV203 rocket! Rockets on your server can go as slow or as fast as you want!

  • Higher Resolution Crosshairs for YJ and SLV weapons: The crosshairs have been cleaned up to look a bit better, particularly at higher screen resolutions.

  • Configurable Rocket Hull Armor: Running a server full of players that bump into walls alot? Give the rocket more hull armor, make the bumps more forgiving and thus lower the suicide rate a bit.

  • Configurable Default Fire Mode for the Yellow Jacket: Server admins can define the first fire mode a Yellow Jacket is set to: Semi, Burst, or Auto. Note that this is a server-side setting and clients playing online are subject to the server's setting.

  • Enable SLV Damage Sparks in Multiplayer Server Games: If you have ever played Strangelove in single player, you may have noticed that whenever a rocket was damaged it produced some sparks. In multiplayer these sparks were nowhere to be found. However it is now possible to enable them if you like, since it looks pretty cool!

  • Rocket Booster: Perhaps the most important new feature is the booster! Rockets can now be equipped with a booster, that gives your rocket, once activated, some extra thrust. The booster runs directly on fuel cores, so if you got a few of them you can make your rocket reach high velocities. To activate your booster simply press the walk button (which is shift by default). Doing makes your rocket accelerate very fast and reach a higher velocity than with just the afterburner activated. But this will also consume a fuel core, so be sure your rocket has enough fuel left.

  • Configurable Fuel Core Allotments: Give players fuel cores when spawning or when picking up new SLV launchers; particularly useful in conjunction with the new Booster!

  • Configurable Damage to Unpiloted SLVs: Control whether unpiloted SLVs explode upon impact with a teammate's explosion, or bounce harmlessly off the explosion.

  • Configurable Team Colored Explosions: Show the explosion of an SLV rocket in the team color of the player that caused the explosion.

  • Ability to Disable Similtaneous Piloting & Flag Carrying: In order to promote teamwork on servers it is now possible to disallow pilots from carrying flags. If this option is enabled pilots can't pickup flags anymore. Also if you try to launch a rocket while having the flag, you will drop it. However it is possible to carry the flag while being a passenger on a rocket, so it would be wise for your teammates to give you a ride back to your base!

  • Skinable Rockets: It's now possible to create your own custom rocket skins and apply them to the game!

  • Configurable Exclusions from StrangeArena: Disable replacing certain weapons and ammos in StrangeArena mode to allow for more varied gameplay or compatibility with maps that have special weapons or turrets embedded.

  • SLVReplace mutator built into SLV203 package: Enable the SLVReplace mutator to automatically replace previous versions of SLV weapons embedded into maps with newer SLV203 versions. Note that this may require you to have the previous version SLV packages resident on your server for map compatibility.

Well that was pretty much all of the new features. For a complete history of changes from v2.0 forward to the current v2.0.3, please see the Changelog.