The Strangelove weapon mod was originally developed by 0FUS, up to version 2.0.1. Unfortunately they have disappeared and the mod is now being (unofficially) maintained by Zeropoint Productions.

0FUS/S.L.U.T.S. Engineering Labs

    3D Art and Animation
    Sam "samdragon" Crowe

    Game Design, Programming, 2D and Additional 3D Art
    Al "yrns" McElrath

    Audio Design and Original Concept
    Alex "BitChausen" Morse

    Drew "Drewbacca" Prochaska

    Quality Assurance
    Chris "Jack Pott" Austin
    Alex "RaptoR" Dobie
    Joonas "Striker" Konki
    Paul "TheGreyWolfe" Long
    Andrew "NTricks!" Moore
    Simon "L.B." Murdock
    Phil "Spite" Nuzzi
    Jens "TheRealKiller" Oltmanns
    Alex "BadGuy" Ries
    Jason "DarkReaper" Rodzik
    Mitchell "Red Falcon" Sessions
    Brad "Bionic" Sheiness
    John "JoFSh" Shorter
    Matthew "Death_coil" Squire

Zeropoint Productions

    Daan "Defrost" Scheerens

    Thanks to
    Adrian "King Kong" Dixon
    Kevin "Kvbev" Jolley
    David "The_Dave" Schwartzstein
    Matthew "MSuLL" Sullivan
    Zohar "SuB" Zada