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Strangelove Servers (Archive)

  • [SLV] «PsK» Strangelove Arena [UTwente, NL]

  • [SLV] «PsK» Strangelove Arena [Illinois, USA] [ASC]/p>

  • [SLV][AToMIC UNReAL] KOA StrangeLove Arena 202 (Classic+2xJump) [ASC] (JB3 SP2)

  • SLV] *=PsK=* Psychotic Strangelove Killers [SLV201 CTF/BR Arena] [ASC]

  • [SLV] *** ]-C()C-[ PUBLIC Strangelove Server *** [Virginia, USA] [ASC]

  • [SLV] ** [DR] Deadly Rabbits Strangelove Arena ** [SLV203BETA] [ASC]

  • Adies© II CTF-Strangelove [EUT]

For up to date listing check the UT-SLV Server Listing.

Strangelove Communities

  • [AToMIC UNReAL] -
    Oldest currently active UT99 Strangelove Arena community, and the base of operations for future SLV development. Great place to find SLV players, clans to join, and active Arena servers.

  • UT-SLV -
    Newest Strangelove Arena community, and arguably the best source for information about European-based Strangelove clans and servers (although certainly not exclusively European).

  • ADIES Unreal Tournament online gaming community -
    Strangelove Mutator community, their server runs a cool mix of normal weapons and SLV flair.

  • UnrealRiderS -
    Community of the Stranglove variant for Unreal Tournament 2004.